Principles And Practices Of Manual Handling

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The course is designed to
provide learners with the knowledge and skills to safely move objects
in the workplace. The course is based on the best practice guidance
from the Health and Safety Executive and provides learners with the
opportunity to practice safe moving principles.

The Health and Safety and Work Act etc 1974 and the Manual Handling
Operation Regulations 1992 requires employers to provide adequate
supervision and training and as well as undertake manual handling
risk assessments. This course will support employers to demonstrate
their commitment to the legal obligations and whilst it does not
qualify learners to undertake manual handling risk assessments
independently, it will provide them with the knowledge to assist the
employer in completing the risk assessment.

The course is designed for at all staff in particular new starters,
refresher training, learners seeking employment etc.

Course aims

The course provides learners with the knowledge and skills in the safe
principles of manual handling in the workplace.


  • Understand
    the reasons for safe manual handling
  • Understand
    the function of manual handling risk assessments
  • Demonstrate
    the safe use of manual handling techniques
  • Understand
    Safe manual handling principles

Course duration 4 hours